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Hand Held Flags

Child-safe flags mounted on a white stick. Ideal for fundraising events or sports competitions as a stylish and fun alternative to balloons.

Printed Flag

Handwaving flags are an attractive giveaway at charity events or parades, becoming part of the action at the same time as promoting a brand identity.

Full colour printing is available to deliver flags that are compatible with any brand identity, with different designs available on both sides for increased brand messaging.

As a guide 500 Hand Held Flags are around £0.77 each. Prices reduce on higher volumes, so please contact us for an exact price. This price is all inclusive and based on our standard product.

100% Biodegradable Paper Flags

150gsm silk paper is used to create an inexpensive promotional item that is available printed in full colour on both sides.

Mounted on a white stick that is certified as Child Safe, these flags are manufactured in the UK and offer family-friendly promotional opportunities for corporates and charities.

Hand Waving Flags

Handwaving flags are popular with children and attendees of parades and sports events, offering a cheap yet effective method of promoting a brand within a receptive setting.

A large branding area is a key selling point of these flags, ensuring that a brand utilises every millimetre of the displayed space apart from the white strip around the mounted stick.
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Double Sided Promotional Flags

Double-sided printing for these handwaving flags is available as standard, with additional options to have differing messages printed on each side.

This expands the branding space available, allowing a logo to be printed on one side while a slogan or further information is printed on the reverse.

Hand Held Flag

Our Promise is to help you find the right product for your campaign, with no hidden costs or extras, ensuring it is professionally designed, printed and delivered on time.
100% Biodegradable Paper Flags
100% Biodegradable Rigid Paper Sticks
Environmentally Friendly Printing

Printed Flag Product Details

Our friendly team are committed to delivering the highest quality, service & expertise across all our products and services. Contact us for a no obligation, all inclusive quote, with no hidden extras.
Standard Product

150gsm Paper Flag with Paper Stick

Branding Area

Stick Length

Stick Colour

148 x 190mm

Print Area
148 x 190mm

Print Method

Product Colours
Full colour on white

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