British Promotional Merchandise Association Members

We are pleased that Really Good Branding, (the promotional merchandise brand from Far’n’Beyond) is a member of the British Promotional Merchandise Association for another year.

BPMA Members

The British Promotional Merchandise Association is a not-for-profit professional body serving the promotional products industry in the UK and Ireland.

(not to be confused with the other BPMA – The British Pump Manufacturers Association. We did try to join both, but an impending lecture on the Hydraulic Design of Centrifugal Pumps quickly helped us realise the error of our ways.)

As a bit of background, the BPMA was Established in 1965 and are one of the UK’s leading industry bodies dedicated to promoting best practice around the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of promotional items.

Printed Mug Examples

High Quality Promotional Merchandise

Committed to promoting the value in promotional merchandise as a marketing tool, the BPMA also looks to establish best practise across an industry that has not always had the best reputation with a members code of conduct, mediation services and an excellent education programme.

“As a business, we are committed to delivering the very highest standards of Quality, Service & Expertise. This is particularly important to our clients that regularly order from ‘Really Good Branding’ & Far'n'Beyond.

Joining the BPMA is a demonstration of our commitment to responsibly producing promotional items and providing a consistent client experience.”

Adam Moody,
Managing Director

Printed Umbrella with Far'n'Beyond Director

We always advise customers to source promotional merchandise from a British Promotional Merchandise Association member. Not just an indicator of the companies focus on delivering an industry-leading product, but if integrated throughout your supplier's systems and team, can ensure you are likely to receive a good level of customers service and product knowledge.

With the training, support and involvement we have with the BPMA, we have established long-standing relationships with many of the UK's leading brands alongside startups and SME businesses.

If you would like to find out more about the BPMA or how we integrate the code of conduct and our learning to our promotional products and services, please get in touch!

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