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Easter Merchandise Ideas

Looking for ideas for your Easter Marketing activity? Here are some of our most popular Easter printed merchandise items.

Easter Crackers

Crackers aren't just for Christmas! A great addition to Easter events, our promotional crackers are great for retail, corporate events and event teams.

Printed with your branding and supplied with a choice of your own gifts, premium Lindt bunnies or the ever-popular Malteser bunnies, our crackers are supplied either individually or in presentation boxes.

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Easter Crackers Product Details

Printed Easter Crackers

As standard, our crackers are printed in full colour with your branding and supplied made up ready for use. Each cracker includes the following:

  • Malteasers Easter Bunny
  • Branded Easter Joke / Message
  • Cracker Snap
  • Full Cracker Tied with Silver Ribbon

Crackers are securely packaged and supplied individually in robust boxes for transport.

Easter Cracker Options

An Easter Lindt Bunny is a popular alternative, whilst our presentation boxes are great for retail campaigns. We can also add your own products to our crackers if preferred.

Easter Crackers

As the leading supplier of UK made promotional crackers, we are perfectly placed to help with your Easter Cracker campaign.


Easter Celebrations Box

Our Easter Celebration Boxes are a fabulous branded giveaway, offering a great branding area, desirable gift and excellent price point.

A stylish Easter Bunny pattern covers the box as standard with a fully personalised inner greetings card and gorgeous Lindt chocolates.

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Easter Celebrations Box Product Details

Easter Chocolate Celebration Boxes

Each Easter branded box contains the following:

  • 1 x Large Lindt Chocolate Egg
  • 10 x Lindt Chocolate Mini Eggs
  • 1 x Full-Colour Greetings Card

The card is printed with your logo and branding which can be seen at the front of the box and a message inside.

Limited Stock

As with all seasonal products, please place your orders as soon as possible to ensure stock of seasonal products and production time is secured.

Luxury Easter Chocolate

  • Lindt Gold Bunny Chocolate Mini eggs with a creamy white filling
  • Lindt Milk Chocolate Lindor Fiulled Egg 28g

Sunflower Seed Pods

Printed with your logo and branding, our fully customisable Sunflower Seed Pods are a high visual promotional product that your audience will love.

We offer a full range of branded seed products, but these Sunflower seed pods are sure to draw attention to your brand this Easter. Other shapes and seeds are available.

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Sunflower Seed Pods Product Details

Sunflower Pods

Each of our Sunflower pods are printed with your logo and branding on both sides. Produced to the sunflower shape as standard, we can also produce custom shaped Sunflower Pod holders.

Sunflower Competition

Who doesn't enjoy a bit of friendly competition? Our sunflower seeds are a great way to engage children and work collegues, with a simple but rewarding sunflower challenge as part of your next marketing activity.

Sunflower Seeds

Each pod has been developed to be 100% recyclable whilst also producing the optimum environment for your sunflower. Simply place the pod in soil, water and watch it grow. Detailed instructions are supplied on the packaging.

Indoor & Outdoor Event Bunting

As Easter holidays and events spring back into action, our printed bunting is a popular product for decorating venues both indoors and outdoors.

Hand-stitched and printed to the highest standards, our bunting is a great way to communicate your logo.

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Indoor & Outdoor Event Bunting Product Details

Full Colour Bunting

Available on silk paper for indoor use or waterproof material for outdoor displays. Our bunting is printed in full colour to both sides.

Shaped Bunting

As standard, our bunting is produced on triangle pendants. Rectangle shapes are available at no extra cost. We can also produce custom shaped bunting to match your logo or product outline.

Branded Seed Packets

Our garden seed packets are perfect for any spring campaign. Printed in full colour and supplied with high-quality seeds, our branded seed packets are retail standard and perfect for showcasing your brand and marketing message.

Available with Carrot, Tomato, Sunflower and Wildflower Seeds, we are also able to source specific seed mixes to match your campaign.

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Branded Seed Packets Product Details

Quality Seeds

Containing enough seeds to really get your garden started, our seeds are responsibly sourced and selected for their ease of growing and flexibility of planting, being suitable for use in balcony pots, greenhouses, vegetable patches or flower beds.

Each pack contains growing instructions on the reverse to give your recipient the best chance of a brilliant bloom.

Promotional Seed Packets

Perfect for gift shops, giveaways and outdoor events, our seed packets make a great addition to your promotional campaign or retail range. Printed in full colour throughout, you can fully personalise the designs to match your logo and branding.

Outdoor Event Deckchairs

As our winter hibernation starts to come to an end and we start to look with hope at a sunny spring and summer season, our printed deckchairs are in high demand.

Our branded outdoor furniture items also include large printed parasols and seaside wind breaks.

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Outdoor Event Deckchairs Product Details

Outdoor Branded Furniture

We offer a wide range of printed fabrics and outdoor furniture at Far'n'Beyond and Really Good Branding. Please contact our team if you have a specific product in mind.

Deckchair Printers

A popular product, our team are on hand to guide you through the design and production process of our hardwearing printed deckchairs.

Easter Merchandise Ideas

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