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Trolley Coins

Hardwearing and functional branded coin for everyday use. Ideal for fitness promotions or as a useful giveaway item for students.

Shopping Trolley Coin

Trolley coin which can be delivered in either pound or euro shapes, offering a practical promotional opportunity with up to 4 enamelled spot colours as standard. This coin is made from iron with nickel plating and comes complete with its own sprung clasp keyring to ensure it can easily be slotted on to the recipient’s keys.

As a guide 250 Trolley Coins are around £.67 each. Prices reduce on higher volumes, so please contact us for an exact price. This price is all inclusive and based on our standard product.

Product Information

As standard, the enamel trolley coin is offered in the multi-sided shape of the new British pound coin, ensuing compatibility with all modern trolleys and lockers.

It is enamelled on one side and can be delivered in up to 4 Pantone matched enamelled spot colours, offering options for any company’s branding.


Enamel coins are used every day in trolleys and lockers, meaning that these coins are practical gifts that have the potential to be frequently used by the recipient.

Thanks to their iron and nickel-plated design, these trolley coins are hardwearing and so represent a longer-term promotional investment for a company than some other promotional items.
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Specialist Finishing

The trolley coin can also be delivered in the shape of a euro, making it ideal for companies with customers and colleagues in the eurozone.

It is possible for the coin to be enamelled on both sides to offer a more immersive branding opportunity.

Trolley Coin

Our Promise is to help you find the right product for your campaign, with no hidden costs or extras, ensuring it is professionally designed, printed and delivered on time.
Infill in up-to Four Spot Colours
Nickel Plated
Branded to One or Two Sides
Trolley Coins
Trolley Coins
Manchester Metropolitan Union
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