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Note Pads

Useful desk pad available in A4 and A5 sizes. Complete with branding up to full colour and 50 sheets of white paper for a practical giveaway item.

Branded Note Pad

These desk notepads are ideal for promotions targeted towards students, offices and any location with a reception or meeting area. With a robust grey backboard, these desk pads offer a large print area for ongoing or special marketing campaigns with full colour branding available.



Product Information

Notepads begin as a set of blank pages and company branding is added in the format preferred by the client to the A4 or A5 pages.

All desk pads come with 50 sheets of white 80gsm paper securely glued to a grey backboard which ensures the pages remain fixed together until they are deliberately removed from the pad.


With notepads serving as an essential office item, these desk pads offer a cost-effective method of harnessing this branding opportunity for your company.

The personalisation of each design means that no two notepads are the same and they can be designed with any marketing strategy in mind.
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Specialist Finishing

Notepads are available with full colour printing for an immersive design which maximises the print area for your branding.

This is ideal as a method of promoting your brand colours alongside a specific campaign.

Note Pad

Our Promise is to help you find the right product for your campaign, with no hidden costs or extras, ensuring it is professionally designed, printed and delivered on time.
50 Sheets Glued Securely to Back Board
A4 & A5 Size Available
Screen or Digitally Printed
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