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Zoo Umbrella Printing

We print umbrellas for a range of outdoors experiences, so were delighted to be approached by Knowsley Safari Experience.
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Knowsley Safari Experience 

Knowsley Safari Experience offers safari tours, by car or on foot, for family members of all ages to see more than 500 of some of the world’s most amazing animals.

Naturally, the estate provides an outdoor experience that is open in almost all weathers. With fond memories from our own visits to Knowsley Safari, we were delighted to be contacted by the team as they searched for an umbrella printing company to provide branded umbrellas to keep staff and guests dry.

To deliver, we turned to our UK manufactured branded golf umbrella. Thanks to its lightweight frame and hardwearing canopy, it is a resilient and reliable product that has quickly become our most popular printed umbrella.

Outdoor Umbrella Printers

At Really Good Branding, we focus on matching either the umbrella colour or the print colour with the client’s brand for maximum impact. 

We agreed with Knowsley Safari Experience that the high impact yellow umbrella with the white ink would be the most appropriate, and in fact, the standard colour of our umbrella panels was a perfect match for the safari park’s branding. 

Once the main colour was chosen, the umbrellas were screen printed with the Knowsley Safari Experience logo in weatherproof white ink.

Branded Venue Umbrellas

At Really Good Branding we have an extensive range of colours available for our umbrellas alongside additional customisation, such as the decorative and coloured handles, other print positions, and full-colour printed umbrellas.

We were delighted to work with Knowsley Safari Experience on producing branded umbrellas for use across the estate and look forward to working with them in the future.

If you are looking for branded umbrellas for your venue, please contact our team for a quick quote and recommendations from our full range of printed umbrellas. 

Zoo Umbrella Printing
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