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The Eco One Printed Notebook

Our Eco One Notebook is 100% Recyclable, UK Made & Responsibly Sourced. A product we are really proud of, so imagine our delight when we printed our own.
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We understand there is nothing more enjoyable than receiving your own branded print. Even though we spend every day developing printed merchandise, business identities and marketing strategies, we still love the moment a new product lands.

When Gavin walked into the studio with the first batch of our own brand Eco One Notebooks, it was no exception. A fully printed, 100% recyclable and UK manufactured product, we were desperate to get our hands on the Far'n'Beyond Eco One Notebooks.

A simple design, with a clear message outlining what we do at Far'n'Beyond, the feedback has been positive with high demand from everyone in the team for the eco-friendly notebooks.

100% Recyclable Notebooks

Being 100% recyclable is a feature we were keen to ensure was at the centre of our product development.

The merchandise arena has a reputation for creating branded tatt, which is often discarded. We have worked hard at Far'n'Beyond & Really Good Branding over the last 15 years to change that, producing design-focused high quality branded merchandise produced ethically and that, most importantly, people want to receive.

Investing our time in the quality of the materials used, testing the line height to meet the exacting standards of our designers, we worked hard to ensure it is a product that customers would want to keep and use. Then, when they have finished with the branded jotter, it can be added to standard paper and card recycling collection for recycling.

The branded notebooks have proven a popular product quickly, becoming our most popular item in our pad and notebook collection.

Printed Notebook Covers

The cover material for our notebooks is the same as the Far'n'Beyond printed brochure, business cards and our presentation folders, delivering a consistent brand appearance throughout all our printed marketing literature.

Being able to print across the full front and back of the notebook in our company Pantone colours is what makes the Eco One a special notebook, as clients aren't restricted to set print areas.

There are also 48 cover colours, which gives the Eco One an edge compared to many other alternatives. We also produce a G.F. Smith Notebook that is produced using their materials.

The Tree Project

We also plant a Tree in the UK for each Eco One Promotional Notebook order. The Tree Project is an internal initiative designed to encourage our team and clients to consider the environment when making choices about their products.

As you can read, the Eco One has been a bit of a journey for the team and a product we are really proud of. If you would like to find out more about our range of notebooks please contact our team and we will be happy to help.

The Eco One Printed Notebook
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