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Recyclable Gold Printed Notebooks

Eco One Branded Notebooks for wine estate & boutique hotel, adding a touch of class with spot gold ink on natural textured covers.
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Ultimate Provence 

Printed with a Spot Gold Ink, these premium eco friendly notebooks are worth raising a glass for!

Ultimate Provence is a wine estate and boutique hotel in Southern France. The estate was designed based on indulgence, so their branded merchandise needed to reflect luxury.

A generic, mass-produced product printed on basic paper simply wouldn’t have been suitable, so Ultimate Provence asked us to produce a fully customised notebook for their clients.

The Eco One Notebook was created for use at corporate events and conferences. We printed the notebooks with stunning gold ink to the natural textured paper covers to reflect the brand. With pixel perfect printing, the notebooks were supplied with rounded corners for a smooth and tactile finish.

The Eco One Notebook inner pages are also printed, a unique feature compared to many other products. This helps keep your brand in the notebook users mind and is also an opportunity to include additional information without cluttering the front design.

Printed with the brand name, logo and writing lines, these were designed especially for Ultimate Provence. We also included The Tree Project icon to reflect Ultimate Provence’s choice of an environmentally conscious notebook, which also resulted in a tree being planted on their behalf.

Why Choose the Eco One Notebook?

The Eco One Notebook is 100% recyclable and responsibly manufactured in the UK to reduce your carbon footprint. The materials used are responsibly sourced and chosen to ensure a quality finish and premium writing experience for recipients.

In addition to our extensive range of material cover and branding options for our Eco One Notebook, we can print in full colour or use uncoated Pantone inks to ensure colour consistency throughout your branding.

Whatever design you choose, we’ll create an on-brand, individually-designed bespoke notebook that’s right for your values, your brand and your business.

Recyclable Gold Printed Notebooks
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