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Spectrum Max Ballpen Printing

Our Spectrum Max Ballpen is a stylish push-button pen with a large print area and flash of colour on the grip which is available in 8 colours.
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It’s always a privilege to work with healthcare companies at the forefront of innovation, and CORE are such an organisation. Their focus is heart failure management and they contacted us to help spread the word through the ever-handy medium of a pen.

The science behind the attractiveness of a rubber grip pen is simple – humans are tactile beings and we feel more comfortable gripping a surface that is slightly rougher than the smooth barrel of a pen.

In combining the two, our oval-shaped rubber-barrelled pen allows optimum space for personalisation without removing the practicality of the rubber grip. That makes the pen an attractive option to be picked up and used, which are two critical components of any pen. For CORE, a pen that reaffirms their message and their professionalism was key.

Our Spectrum Max Ballpen is a stylish push-button pen with a print area of 45mm x 10mm on the large white barrel. The diagonal band accentuates the flash of colour on the rubber grip which is available in a choice of 8 bright colours.

Spectrum Max Ballpen Printing
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