Promotional Event Umbrella

Umbrella - Really Good Branding
Products utilised with this project include:

Our original bright red branding helped grab attention, as did our branded golf umbrellas.

These umbrellas were screen printed several times with white ink, to ensure the logo was clear and visible, without fading into the fabric.

Our most popular Golf umbrella is made in the UK, not just because we get the opportunity to test it lots, but because it helps with product turnaround, quality control and dealing with any issues which may occur.

Just under a metre long and over 1.3m in diameter when opened, the lightweight fibreglass frame gives plenty of cover, without being heavy to carry.

There are also a wide array of handles which can be used and although we were tempted with the red pistol grip, we decided to use the standard black pistol grip.

Promotional umbrellas are a great way to showcase your logo and brand to existing and potential customers. They are also great to give to visitors who are looking to nip out for a walk when it looks like its going to rain.

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