One Colour Reusable Coffee Cup Printing

Black Reusable Coffee Cups, Screen Printed with White Ink for Trufe Money. High Quality Promotional Merchandise from Really Good Branding.
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The team of Mortgage specialists at Trufe Money, were looking for a selection of high quality products to giveaway to their valued customers and employees.

Branded Reusable Coffee Cups were one of the key products selected inline with the companies commitment to operating with social responsibility at the core of their decision making processes.

Printed Reusable Coffee Cups

On first use at a promotional event at the companies head office, they agreed with the onsite cafe, to a 50p discount on tea and coffees served to clients using the reusable cups, instead of the throwaway paper cups.

As a result, the Promotional Cups were an instant hit, helping draw attention to the stand and raise awareness of trufe, and the products and services offered by the team.

Reduce Waste & Help the Environment

Our inhouse creative team looked to ensure the cups delivered on their marketing objective of brand awareness and brand communication with a visual demonstration of the meaning behind the company alongside the logo on the front. Keeping the design simple and avoiding the temptation for it to be covered in contact details.

Printed with white ink onto the black reusable cups, they can be used in the microwave and dishwasher, helping ensure they are a practical, desirable and highly sought after promotional product.

If you would like to find out more about our Branded Reusable Coffee Cups, please follow the link below.

One Colour Reusable Coffee Cup Printing
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