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Branded Candles for Retail

We were pleased to work with feel-good fashion brand Dorothy Perkins to produce fully branded retail quality promotional candles.
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Branded Candles

Dorothy Perkins 

We were pleased to work with feel-good fashion brand Dorothy Perkins to produce fully branded retail quality candles for an influencer campaign they were running.

Handmade in the UK, our custom made candles are among our most popular products. Fully printed with your artwork, each of our candles are hand-poured locally and made from eco-conscious ingredients.

Influencer Branded Gifts

Following the brief supplied by the client, the outer packaging and glass candles are printed with the Dorothy Perkins logo, whilst the candles were protected by acid-free tissue paper.

The candles were infused with natural ingredients to produce a refreshing fragrance called 'calming breeze'. A scent that is inspired by the first day of spring when your washing is on the line and the windows are open, allowing a gentle breeze to run through your home.

Our premium candles are produced using the natural and sustainable oils derived from soybeans. Completely biodegradable and longer-lasting because of its lower melting point, our Soy Wax candles also emit minimal black soot when burning, which helps carry the fragrance and avoids the need for chemical amplifiers. The result is a well-balanced candle that is true to its scent.

Home Promotional Candles

When developing our branded candles, our focus is on the quality of the product before investing in the packaging opening experience and branding opportunity. The result is a candle that is sold in retail environments throughout the UK as a retail product in addition to a desirable branded gift.

Having Dorothy Perkins select our promotional candles and associate with their brand further supports our decision to invest in quality merchandise that people want to display and use in their homes.

Branded Candles for Retail
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