Ball Point Pens with Stylus Tip

ARC -Ball pens with stylus tip
Products utilised with this project include:

Printed Ball Point Pens with Stylus tip for use on touchscreen phones and tablets

The Advice & Representation Centre (ARC) is a department of the Union of Brunel Students (UBS), offering free and confidential advice on anything from debts and housing to academic matters.

As an integral part of the Students’ Union, the ARC is a vital resource for students. These pens are designed for use with iPad Touch Screen Phones / Tablets. The pens we produced for the ARC were curvy ballpoint pens, but with an added extra; a stylus tip for use with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The stylus tip is made from soft-feel material, so it protects the screen from unwanted scratches. The pens were branded with the ARC logo, with plenty of space left over for contact details. These pens have all the great benefits of a curvy ballpen, with a large branding area for your logo, and offer fantastic value for money for a dual-purpose product.

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