Top 10 Branded Office Items for Working from Home

With more people working from home than ever before, the team at Really Good Branding has been looking at products that will make the adjustment to this new way of life that little bit easier. Offering practical uses and great branding options, these items will help to make working from home easier and keep staff feeling motivated and a part of their team.

Our top 10 branded office essentials for working from home are:

1. Reusable Coffee Cups

Making that first cup of tea or coffee to start the day is an essential part of the office routine. This will be just as important for people settling into their new home office environment. Our reusable coffee cup has a double walled interior, so every cup is sure to keep warmer longer than when using a normal mug. The cup is microwave and top rack dishwasher safe so perfect if working from home.

Our reusable coffee cups are an increasingly popular product as both consumers and companies are becoming more aware of their environmental impact. Using less single use plastics is important for all companies looking for ways to be more environmentally responsible.

With a large branding area, the design potential for this product makes it a standout product where staff will be proud to show off the brand they work for. As a high quality, practical product, people will be using them for a long time, even after leaving their home office!

2. Super Hit Ball Pen

An office essential, our Super Hit Ball Pen is an eco-friendly pen made from 26% recycled material. It is comfortable and light to hold which makes it perfect for writing down notes and ideas.

The Super Hit Ball Pen is a long lasting and professional looking product. Available in a large variety of colours, there will be an option that perfectly complements your company's branding. The standard branding area is on the barrel ensuring that there is enough space to clearly advertise your company’s logo and tag line. 

3. Branded Notebooks

Notebooks are an ideal product for people working from home. They are a great way for people to stay organised and can be easily adapted by each user to best meet their needs and can be used for everything from collecting ideas, making lists or simply taking notes.

Notebooks offer a smart and professional way to stay productive. With a variety of covers and specialist finishes available there is sure to be a way that will suit your company and offer a fantastic branding space to really showcase your business.

4. Printed Desk Pads

Whether you need a structured desk pad for keeping track of daily/weekly tasks and activities or simply a blank space to write down and document quick ideas, desk pads can be designed to perfectly match your business needs.

With A4 and A5 sizes available, desk pads offer a considerable branding area to effectively represent your company. The pages are securely glued to a grey backboard to ensure that they do not become loose unless until they are deliberately removed from the pad.

Desk pads can be printed full colour and they offer a practical and useful product that can be used daily for a variety of functions.

5. Branded Mouse Mats

A practical and useful product for everyone working from a home office computer - our branded mouse mats make working from home more comfortable. These mouse mats can be printed full colour and with a large branding area you can ensure essential information, such as a website or telephone number, can be easily accessed. 

With a hardtop surface and a practical non slip foam base this product is durable and long lasting even when used on a daily basis.

6. Promotional Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a practical and useful product for people to have in their home office. Great for making quick notes and reminders, they have become an essential office item!

Our sticky notes have a large branding area that can be screen printed with your logo and branding. Being glued along one edge ensures that the notes stay in place and do not become loose before being intentionally removed.

7. Power Banks

A practical and useful product to have while working from home, power banks will ensure that all of your devices remain charged. ‘The Squid’ power bank has a twin USB port so two devises can be charge simultaneously.   

Available in a range of colours, the laser engraving creates an exclusive and premium looking product.

8. Clothing

With more and more people conducting online meetings and connecting with clients from home offices - branded workwear is a great option for professional and smart clothing whilst also being comfortable to wear.

Really Good Branding have a range of clothing that can be branded with your logo, such as our high-quality cotton T-Shirts. Available in a wide range of base colours, there will be a colour option to match your company branding. Our T-Shirts can then be either printed or embroidered to best meet your requirements, offering a great way to show off your company logo.

Our T-Shirts are designed with both comfort and style in mind, so they are perfect for wearing at home whilst also looking professional. They are available in a range of sizes to offer the best and most comfortable fit for each individual. 

9. Explorer Stainless Steel Bottles

Our high quality, stainless steel water bottle is a must have product, not only does it look great, it’s practical too. Featuring a 500ml capacity, it is great for staying hydrated and the screw top lid ensures that there are no spills or leaks. The double walled interior can keep drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours, perfect for people working from home.

The Explorer bottle is stylish, durable and long lasting. It is available in a range of colours and finishes to best reflect your brand. With options to either engrave or screen print, each finish offers a great way to show off your brand logo.

10. Aqua Water Bottles

With a large 800ml capacity our branded Aqua water bottle offers a great way for people to stay hydrated whilst working from home. An attractive and well-designed product that is available in a several colours, this will be a great addition for companies wanting to offer their staff or customers a premium looking water bottle.

The Aqua water bottle is very practical to have around the home, being hardwearing and shatterproof. With an easy carry lid, it is also convenient for people to take outside.

We think this is a great selection of practical products to help keep staff engaged and feeling part of their team or company whilst working from home. Please get in touch if you would like more detail about any of the branded items mentioned.

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