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How to Create a Virtual Event Pack for an Online Conference

The events industry has had to think on its feet lately, as the seismic impact of the global Covid-19 crisis has completely changed the way that business is done - and nowhere is this more acute than when it comes to business events.

Activity has pivoted to be all online events, but how do you secure the same levels of engagement from corporate sponsors when they can't get face to face with delegates? And how do you get attendees to really connect with a message when they are sitting at their computers?

Creating a Tactile Connection from a Digital Platform

You can create some real impact by bringing a little offline magic to your virtual event with a virtual conference event pack.

These beautifully presented boxes can be made to any size, shape and specifications. They are a brilliant way of bringing together exciting gifts with a strong promotional message.

We can arrange to deliver the boxes to your delegates a few days before (or after!) your planned event to really create a sense of anticipation and get people fully engaged prior to starting your online sessions.

Boxes can contain all manner of useful branded promotional gifts, from phone chargers to coffee cups and pens, and you can include literature from your event sponsors too. It all brings your message home and can follow a particular theme of the event you’re running.

We can help you find the right products for your campaign and match them with the appropriate fitment for safe transportation, so each box is fully customised for your event.

Getting the Best from your Online Events - Make it Personal

To really get the full impact of your virtual event pack, think about the type of event you’re running, and theme your packs around that.

For example, if the theme is creativity, inspire your attendees to get brainstorming with a smart notepad and pen. Or you could go for a coffee break theme with a mug or a reusable coffee cup. We loved these branded metal bottles, a high quality, useful and memorable example of a promotional item to include in your virtual event pack.

The beauty of virtual event packs is that they can be tailored to your event and specifications, and those of your sponsors. It’s a great way to showcase your products or highlight what they do in a way that event attendees can hold in their hands, creating an instant physical connection and a long-lasting impact. The packs build up buzz around an event and act as a reminder afterwards of the messages you and your sponsors want to share.

Inform and Educate

Whatever your topic, your event has something important to communicate. Spend some time thinking about the message you want to put across and how your event pack can help you to get this across to delegates. For example, if your message is ‘Invest in this Region’ - then adding a postcard from the region could be a lovely touch.

If you want to showcase a new product or service you have to offer, theme the box around aspects of that. Our team of specialist creatives are on hand to produce custom fitments that perfectly hold and display your products for the maximum impact when they are opened by recipients.

Sending a conference pack before or after your event

A personalised virtual conference box delivered to their door is unlikely to be forgotten and can help you make a lasting impact in a way that is totally unique to your event.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to send afterwards - following your event, this is a prime time to supply branded merchandise and even a thank you for participating in your event – all complete with a branded delegate box.

Our team can do the fulfilment and distribution service on your behalf – meaning we can arrange to send to each delegate when is best for you.

Virtual Event Packs from Really Good Branding

We can bring together all your promotional merchandise with a branded box, complete with design, print, fulfilment and distribution. If you’re interested to find out more, take a look at our event packs here.

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