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Recycled Shopping Bags

Recycled branded shopping bags printed for Canababes Food Co. A great reusable product which also supports our Tree Project Initiative.
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Canababes Food Co 

Based in Hackney, London, Canababes is a leading female-led catering business providing food and drink for parties, weddings and other occasions.

At the heart of the business is a relaxed and ethical approach to high-quality catering, so they needed a branded product that was practical, eco-friendly, and fun.

Canababes approached Really Good Branding looking for tote bags they could use at all catering events. We recommend our recycled material bags that are eco-friendly and strong enough to hold heavy and delicate contents on the move.

Branded Shopping Bags

Our recycled eco tote bags are a mix of 60% recycled fabric blended with 40% rPET polyester, created using recycled plastic bottles. This combination produces a robust textured material in various colours perfect for branding. In addition, the bags’ long handles are made from recycled cotton T-shirt material.

Screen printed with white ink, the contrast with the black recycled tote bag was great for showcasing the Canababes logo in the centre.

Reusable Promotional Cotton Bags

Our recycled branded tote bags are also supported by our Tree Project initiative, which encourages our team and our clients to focus on products that have a more positive impact on the environment, supporting our planet’s future.

An alternative to plastic bags, we believe our reusable branded shopper bags, made from recycled items, are a great eco-friendly product option.

To help celebrate this, we planted a tree in the UK and provided a certificate to Canababes to recognise their choice to use a reusable product.

Recycled printed tote bags are the ideal practical promotional product that your recipients will repeatedly use, showcasing your brand and promoting your message.

Recycled Shopping Bags
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