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Promotional Popcorn Food Cones

The history of popcorn at the movies was behind the production of Printed Popcorn Food Cones for a radio station's promotional cinema event.
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Smooth FM 

Popular through the ages, popcorn first became a commercial snack in 1885 when the first steam-powered popcorn maker was launched. Providing a visual experience, relatively cheap corn costs and easy transportation, it delivered the perfect attraction for customers.

Resisted by cinema owners in the silent era, who were more concerned about preserving their carpets, it was the introduction of sound in 1927 that not only changed the profile of clientele (since literacy was no longer required to enjoy a movie) but it disguised the sound of noisy eating. The great depression and World War II impacted sales, particularly with sugary snacks suffering from shortages during the War.

By 1945 over 50% of the popcorn consumed in America was eaten at movie theatres and the partnership has flourished ever since, with popcorn snacks continuing to increase in popularity along with the home cinema market and an increasing trend for air-popped healthy popcorn snacks.

With all the history and association with moviegoers, it was the perfect addition for Smooth Radio when arranging an outdoor drive-in cinema experience at Southport Pleasureland in association with Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

The free event showing classic film Dirty Dancing was a throwback which wouldn’t have been complete without the popcorn treat.

Following on from several successful projects with our popcorn taster boxes, we were pleased to assist with Smooth FM’s printing project, which utilised several of the processes incorporated into our food packaging products.

Particularly important is the application of glue strips in our clean room, away from contamination. We take great care in ensuring the correct processes are followed to ensure the safe supply of our food packaging.

The PEFC approved 400um (FBB) folding boxboard material is specifically designed for this type of project, offering a Food Guarantee and Freezer Compliance resulting in excellent sensory and hygienic properties.

Printed in full colour, the cones were the perfect addition to the event, with team members distributing the branded cardboard containers to movie goers throughout the evening.

If you have an event that would benefit from tasting cones or other food packaging products such as sleeves and boxes, please contact our team for more information.

Promotional Popcorn Food Cones
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