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Instagram Selfie Frame Printing

Printed Selfie Frames continue to be one of the top products at 'far'n'beyond' and 'Really Good Branding'. Here is our project for Newham College.
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Printed Selfie Frames continue to be one of our top products.

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of high quality printed selfie frames, the team were pleased to utilise our Instagram Selfie Frame template for Newham College and their #newhamgirlcan campaign.

Printed directly to board for a crisp non-reflective finish on state-of-the-art machinery, the selfie frames are perfect for photography sessions and promotional events.

With several uses, the branded selfie frames enable your audience to do your marketing for you. Carrying your message, hashtag, key phrases and social media credentials, they are proven to increase engagement and improve campaign results.

From our selection of standard templates, through to bespoke and complex cut out selfie frame products, the team at Really Good Branding can help produce a frame suitable for your event.

Instagram Selfie Frame Printing
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