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Charity Balloon Printing

We use balloons that are 100% biodegradable that are made from natural rubber latex. We offer balloons in a wide range of colours.
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Yorkshire Cancer Research 

Balloon printing is a great way to promote a business, increase brand awareness, and improve marketing in a fun way, with a product that kids will love.

Our promotional balloons that are 100% biodegradable, made from natural rubber latex and available in a wide range of colours, so they are sure to match your decor for any event or the colouring of your brand.

Yorkshire Cancer Research

We recently produced balloons for local charity, Yorkshire Cancer Research. The balloons were white with their logo printed in the Pantone blue of their logo, to help promote their brand and raise awareness about their important work with cancer.

It is great to work with charities and organisations that are making such a difference to our communities. Seeing our products helping to contribute to their goals, is highly rewarding for all the team.

Yorkshire Cancer Research has been working towards the goal of reducing the number of people who die from cancer each year by 2,000 people. Helping to raise awareness, so people recognise symptoms early, schedule screenings, and donate to cancer research are all valuable aspects of their mission that are enhanced without promotional items.

The printed balloons are a low cost, but high impact promotional tool, which is great for quickly and easily branding an area, decorating or providing something for children to take away at charity and fundraising events.

Benefits of Branded Balloons

Our balloons are fully biodegradable, so will decompose and can be used with air or helium, so they are versatile to fit your needs. We are able to print logos, company names, and messages on the balloons, so you can focus in on what is important to your event.

Charity Balloon Printing
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