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Branded Wildflower Bee Bombs

Our branded seed bombs are perfect for brands wanting to demonstrate their focus on the environment with an interactive product.
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Warner Solicitors 

Warners Solicitors is a full-service legal practice based in Kent. They pride themselves on listening to their clients carefully, communicating clearly, and exceeding expectations with high-quality legal advice.

Corporate responsibility is a big part of the Warners Solicitors' ethos, supporting initiatives and developing relationships with community-based projects.

As part of this commitment, the team at Warners Solicitors opted for our Branded Wildflower Bee Bombs as a giveaway product for their stand at the Sevenoaks Business Show.

Seed Bomb Giveaways

Our branded wildflower bee bombs not only help the environment and support whole ecosystems but also demonstrate your commitment to the planet.

Handmade in the UK with a mix of native seeds, compost and clay powder, these circular pellets are designed to be thrown into grass and weed-free patches of land, which would enjoy a splash of colour and wildlife.

Our seed bombs are supplied in a natural cotton gift bag alongside a fully branded mini-booklet containing Warner Solicitors company information and planting instructions.

Printed Bee Bombs

Often used by our retail and gift shop clients they are produced to the highest standard, making them a giveaway item that recipients value and appreciate.

Using the design template available on our website, their design team were given full creative control over the branding and messaging so it matched the other branded merchandise and exhibition display graphics used at the event.

The result was a strong company image reflecting their commitment to their customers and the local environment.

Branded Wildflower Bee Bombs
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