Bespoke Luxury Branded Crackers

We created bespoke luxury branded crackers that reflected both product and purpose for premium champagne brand, Lanson.
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Following the huge success of the crackers previously produced for Premium Champagne brand Lanson, we were delighted to look at how we could enhance our premium crackers even further for this years seasonal marketing and promotion campaign.

As one of the world’s oldest Champagne houses, Lanson needed a product to match their heritage and prestige. So we created something completely different to our standard crackers, with bespoke luxury branded crackers that reflected both product and purpose.

Gold Foiled Crackers

Our team developed a new look branded cracker for Lanson with a stunning gold foil on the inside. We printed these in full colour, then created an attractive, detailed hexagonal shell for the gifts. This process involves gluing, rather than the traditional interlocking mechanism, to create something truly unique.

Once we’d developed the packaging, we filled and finished the crackers. Each included an indulgent Lindor dark chocolate truffle and, of course, the traditional cracker staple: a festive hat.

Some of the crackers included printed golden tickets, which the winner can redeem against a selection of prizes provided by Lanson.

The final finish was to tie each cracker with a sleek, smart black ribbon, then prepare for distribution.

Premium Corporate Crackers

For a business like Lanson, a simple printed Christmas cracker wouldn’t reflect the company reputation. A branded product, exclusively printed, was key to suit the brand and its character, and our premium corporate branded crackers were ideal.

Luxury finishing touches and attention to detail reflected Lanson’s 260-year history in a way that was suitable for their marketing and campaigns. We also tastefully yet prominently printed their logo on the front of each sophisticated black, branded cracker.

Luxury Cracker Printers

With designs, proofing and printing all taking place in-house, our Really Good Branding luxury crackers deliver a seasonal branded products that truly stand out.

Delicate detailing and unique printing processes create a luxury festive product that represents your high-end brand appropriately, and meets your festive promotional and marketing aims.

Bespoke Luxury Branded Crackers
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