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How to Increase Engagement at Exhibitions & Events

Most marketing activities are one-sided from a business directly to a consumer.

At an event, you have a rare opportunity to converse with customers who are actively seeking out new products and companies to work with.

Instead of just handing out a flyer, create an experience that is relevant to your product and encourages visitors to stay at your stand.

Clear Exhibition Goals

A clear objective is critical to planning your approach and measuring return on investment and should be agreed before the event. The goal for attending events and exhibitions usually fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Brand Awareness

The selfie frame is a great tool for encouraging visitors to share their experience on social media.

  • Relationships

Premium giveaways for existing customers are an effective way to attract people to your stand and improve brand loyalty.

  • Data Gathering

The prospect of a free gift/prize can encourage visitors to complete a form for a call back, quote or consultation.


Events provide an excellent marketing opportunity beyond the four walls of the venue. They can help drive targets and deliver content for marketing channels including blogs and social media.

Communicating with potential visitors before, during and after is critical for your success. You would be surprised how many companies never follow up a lead from an exhibition.

Clear & Concise Design

In a busy environment, visitors have seconds to interpret who you are and what you do. A poor quality stand with confusing messages will turn people away before they even arrive.

An endless list of products and services is overwhelming. Think about your customers, what they need to know and what makes your product appealing or unique.

Clearly showcasing your name, logo, and key services through professionally designed display graphics such as Fabric Backdrops, Event Counters and Flags will attract the appropriate visitors to your stand.

Know Your Target Audience

Attracting hundreds of visitors who want to win a prize is only worthwhile if those people are likely to convert to a customer.

Merchandise needs to be relevant to your audience, a product that will last and not break within the first few uses, and something that your audience genuinely might want or need.

Handing out cupcakes at a sporting event is ok, but giving away branded sports water bottles will have a much stronger impact on a potential customer.

Staff Uniforms

Branded workwear at events is another great way to maximise brand awareness, help clients place you and ensure your team are always representing your company.

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