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Branded Reusable Coffee Cups – REVIEW

At 'Really Good Branding' we spend a lot of time researching, testing and trialling our products to ensure they meet our expectations. This understanding enables us to provide recommendations to our customers that are based on real-life experience.

There are thousands of promotional products available, a range that can often be overwhelming. At 'Really Good Branding' we narrow down our product choices to those that offer the best value, optimal branding area, best lead times, environmental credentials, finished product quality and overall desirability.

Branded Reusable Coffee Cups are the latest product to go through our internal testing procedure, resulting in the offering of the 'OneCup'. Offering an excellent branding area, secure lid designed to avoid spillage, wide range of colours, thermal temperature control and being suitable for top-shelf dishwasher use.

One of our common questions about promotional products is how useful the item is. There is no doubt the reusable coffee cup is a useful and desirable product with the added benefit of reducing environmental damage as they help decrease the use of disposable cups and also save money when used in popular coffee chains.

The 'OneCup' is available in a range of colours which can be screen printed, or we can print a full-colour wrap with Matte Lamination which covers almost the whole cup. While there can be a 1mm gap, this can easily be disguised by the use of a similarly coloured cup.

To help encourage the reduction of single-use plastic and throw away cups, we decided to print our own 'Really Good Branding' reusable promotional coffee 'OneCup' for a direct mail marketing campaign.

Creative Coffee Cup Design

Utilising the printing opportunity of the full-colour print, we opted for our cheerio style branding with the logo on the front. Instead of plastering our name, website, product details and branding across it, we looked to create a desirable design that would add value and appeal to the plastic cups.

To ensure that the marketing opportunity wasn't lost, we also included our company name along one side of the product.

Although more expensive than these basic one colour printed cups, we believe the full-colour wrap option adds significant value to the product.

From producing the drinking cups for a variety of customers who have chosen the full colour 'OneCup' for retail shops and high profile distribution, we know they meet the highest of standards, but how does it last with some real challenges?

With this in mind, we took the opportunity to take the 'OneCup' on the road and see how it works with our Director Adam being given the first challenge.

Reusable Promotional Cup Review

The first test was to make a drink. The lid was secure, and although it only needed half a turn, it immediately felt safe and unlikely to cross thread or break.

Heading off to work, I was able to carry the cup without it getting too hot and it easily fitted into the in-car holder as you would expect. Driving along the twisty roads towards the office I was pleased that due to the positioning of the lid, there was no spillage and it was easy to drink out of when I pulled over to take a sip. At the studio the coffee had retained enough heat to make it the perfect temperature to drink.

At work, I discovered that a can of soup would fit into the cup nicely and as it is suitable for microwave use, could support my theory that soup is a drink and not a meal! 🙂

A trip to a well-known coffee shop was rewarded with a discount for using the cup, whilst I have also received several positive comments on the OneCup itself.

Day to day use has been a great success. The print has survived the dishwasher, and I haven't spilt any hot or cold drinks. Like any parent, I was also able to repeatedly test its suitability in the microwave as I regularly made drinks before being distracted by our two-year-old toddler.

Request a Quote for full colour wrap reusable cups

So after a good test, in TopGear style, I decided to push the boundaries. In half-term I had a day off with my eldest son to build a brick wall for a vegetable patch in our garden. To complete my builder persona, I needed to commit to a proper and regular brew, so it was all about the Yorkshire Tea.

The wall looks great, and so does the cup still. I even managed to find some proper workmen at JTM Building who used the cup daily for six weeks and despite it being rested on brickwork, skips, knocked over and being regularly used, it has held up remarkably well.

Even being used in the dishwasher, the print has remained vibrant and the cup clean inside and out.

The most significant disadvantage to the full wrap compared to the screen printed reusable coffee mugs is that the base did start to fray a little bit. Overall the wrap remained intact despite a few indents from being knocked about. 

I would recommend the full-colour reusable OneCup to clients who are looking for a premium branded retail quality promotional cup. With the addition of a straw lid, it is could be an excellent, robust product for children as well.

If the design and campaign are suitable and value can be added with a one colour screen print onto a coloured mug, instead of a full-colour print, I would, however, consider that - primarily due to the savings and ability to avoid the fraying after persistent regular use.

The OneCup is a versatile, well manufactured and UK made promotional product with an excellent branding area. Its environmental credentials, usefulness and cost make it a merchandise product that I will definitely recommend to our clients.

Find out more about the Universal Promotional Branded OneCup.

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