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Recyclable & Sustainable Branded Notebooks

The world is increasingly digital. So when you use paper, you know it needs to make an impact. 

At Really Good Branding, we are always looking to improve and enhance our products and partner with brands that share our values. 

We are proud to have teamed up with specialist paper production and design company Gmund to produce our Eco One Notebooks. Recyclable and sustainable, these unique branded notebooks use premium paper covers with an eco-story at their heart.

Why use Gmund paper?

The Gmund paper mill has been in production since 1829. Throughout generations, they've used their ecological approach and expertise in paper colour and design, alongside renewable raw materials, to produce a premium quality paper.

Gmund understands paper and its multiple variations of colour and structure. Yet, it's their commitment to environmental protection in the paper industry that makes us most proud to work alongside them. 

Gmund actively conserves natural resources and are environmentally conscious. Only using water that hasn't been chemically treated and generating 70% of their energy from the passing river (hydroelectricity), solar and cogeneration, they manage and recycle waste carefully.

Along with several high profile certifications, Gmund Paper is FSC® certified, and they focus on sustainable, environmentally friendly raw materials. 

Eco Friendly Notebooks

Why choose our Eco One Notebook?

Notebooks are a great client gift. 

They're accessible, practical and constantly reinforce your brand identity every time your client picks up a pen. 

Unfortunately, notebooks are often made from cheap, poor quality paper, with only a few colour options available and little commitment to sustainability – not quite the message you want to send.

Available with a choice of 48 premium textured recyclable and sustainable cover colours from Gmund, our Eco One Notebook is produced to the highest standard, with your brand printed on the covers and each inner sheet.

Looking at the production process to ensure the materials are sustainable and recyclable, we also reward our clients for choosing the Eco One Notebook instead of less eco-friendly alternatives by planting a tree with The Tree Project for every order.

How can recyclable and sustainable branded notebooks be branded?

At Really Good Branding, we're always developing our products to make sure they reflect your brand identity without costing the earth. 

One of the biggest challenges companies face when looking for cost-efficient branded products is colour consistency across merchandise items. 

Thanks to Gmund, our recyclable and sustainable branded notebook range includes 48 textured unique, natural colours, each carefully chosen and balanced. 

Available printed in full colour or with your brand Pantone colours, we print across the notebooks' front, back, and spine. Full coverage is rare within the traditional standards of branded notebooks, which is why we are proud to champion the Eco One.

As a creative agency, our team are on hand to guide you through the best way to make the most of your Eco One Notebook, combining the unique cover colour options and large printing area. 

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