Why Are Printed Pens Such a Popular Promotional Gift?

When it comes to promotional merchandise, printed pens tend to be the most popular option. There is a reason for this, and it’s not just because people are limited on ideas. Printed pens aren’t just great for marketing a business, but practical for individuals. Here are three reasons these pens have become such popular promotional gifts.

They’re Cheaper to Create

You can get bulk orders of pens with your name and logo on for much less than many other promotional merchandise. That’s because they are so popular. The demand is so high, but so is the supply. It’s also very easy for companies to print details onto the pens, keeping the cost down.

By getting more in your bulk orders, you can do a lot more marketing. It keeps your marketing budget down.

Add Information as Well as Name

You want to add as much as possible to your marketing. The idea is to let people know where you are and how to get in touch. Pens have enough space to add phones numbers and website addresses, as well as names and logos. Since they are so practical, individuals won’t have to worry about trying to find that business card stuffed at the bottom of their bag.


Practical for Your Customers

Individuals don’t want junk through their doors. A pen isn’t junk. It’s practical and useful, meaning that customers and potential customers are more likely to use them. When they do use your printed pens, others will see your company name and logo and can question the user about it. They can also then choose to do some research when they get home.

Your Marketing Gets Seen More

Using something with your name on it is almost like an endorsement. In many cases, people use a printed pen as a way to show support for you. This word of mouth advertising is extremely useful for your company.

Your next promotional gift needs to be practical. Printed pens are great for that, while being affordable and easy to get.

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