What is a Vector Logo & Why Does It Matter?

It is important that your logo creates a good first impression and helps to portray the essence of your brand from the offset.

It’s a core part of raising your brand awareness and providing continuity across your product range and promotional materials. You’ve no doubt put plenty of thought into developing and designing your logo but do you have a vector logo?

What is a vector logo?

We’re sure you already understand the importance of a logo but a vector logo can be just as vital to your brand. Essentially, a vector logo is made up of numerous individual objects that can be scaled to suit, allowing it to be broken down into geometric shapes, rather than pixels if it was a single image. Vector designs are common practice among graphic design professionals, so if you’ve enlisted the support of a pro, you should already have a vector logo.

Not choosing a vector logo limits what you can do with the overall design and how you can use the end product. Vector logos give you more freedom. When you consider how frequently you’ll use your logo and the wide range of materials it’ll be placed on, quality is definitely worth investing in – you want your logo to be instantly recognised by your target market after all.

5 reasons a vector logo is an essential

Now you know what a vector logo is, you might be wondering exactly why you need one. We’ve got five reasons why you should have a vector logo for your business:

  1. Quality and scalability – Logos that have pixelated will instantly look unprofessional. Vector logos allow you to adjust the size of the logo while still maintaining the clean, neat finish that you’re after. You won’t have to worry about your logo becoming blurred or losing some of its definition.
  2. They have no background – A vector logo doesn’t have any background, providing you with greater flexibility when it comes printing and placement. None vector logos will typically have a white background, limiting where you can place your logo while still achieving a professional, high-quality look. Vector logos on the other hand, still look great when placed over colours.
  3. Colour matching – Vector logos are perfectly suited to using the spot colour method – ensuring colour consistency across all your branded merchandise. By selecting a vector logo, your designer can easily change the colours where needed, even by subtle margins.
  4. Ease of editing – As vector logos are made up of different shapes, the editing process is simpler. Should you want to tweak the logo in the design stage it’ll be much easier. If you want to refresh your logo in the future to reflect changes in your business, vector logos make this far easier too.
  5. Multiple formats – How you use your logo will determine the format that you want to save it in. Vector logos can be saved as numerous file types, allowing you to pick out the one that best matches your demands and project scope. It guarantees quality every time.

At Really Good Branding, we aim to take the stress out of the ordering process and assist with your artwork needs, so if you are still a little unsure, contact our team who will be happy to help.

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