What are the best promotional items for Schools & Universities?

If your business is linked to the education sector, marketing through items that students and teachers are going to use is beneficial. There are different types of merchandise you can opt for, and these are some of the best options to get your name out there.

Stationery & Books

All students and teachers need stationery and books. It could be pens, pencils, rulers or even notebooks for jotting notes in. Pencil cases are another popular option among students. Get your branding on these items, and people all over will see them. The benefit of the larger items, like books and rulers, is that your logo can be larger. Items will be seen from much further away.

School Bags & Lunch Boxes

There is a reason children’s lunch boxes and bags have cartoon characters on. Children love to show off their favourite shows; those they recommend. As they get older, they will often opt for brands they love. Your branding will go much further when it comes to bags, as they’ll be seen on buses, trains and while students and teachers are walking to and from campuses.

Your branding is much larger than on stationery. Get your logo, name and some contact details for this type of merchandise.

Calculator, Tablet & Phone Cases

All children have calculators and phones, and the majority of them will now have tablets. If you’re aiming for the teachers, they’ll likely have all three, too. Opting for cases with your branding on is extremely powerful. Tablets and calculators are constantly in use in and out of school. Phones may not be allowed during classes, but the students and teachers will be on them outside.

It’s easy to get your name out there with education sector merchandise. The trick is to choosing the best one for your needs. Small items are great, but what about the bigger items? They can be really useful for catching the attention of more from a distance.

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