Euro 2016 Promotional Merchandise Ideas

Euro 2016 Promotional Merchandise Ideas

With the France Euro 2016 competition just around the corner, we take a look at several of the most popular football orientated promotional merchandise items to give your brand the edge.

Over the years, we have worked with local, national and international brands to develop campaigns that have covered standard items such as key rings, flags and bunting, through to nation focussed printed t-shirts and cut out player facemasks.

Here is a selection of our most popular sourced items for your football marketing campaigns and giveaways.

Branded Stress Football

An office and exhibition favourite, the Stress Ball is a favourite item, so increasing its relevance with this special football edition with a large print area is a low-cost winner.

Shorts & T-Shirt Custom PVC Keyring

These keyrings can be made to almost any shape and can be useful in demonstrating national allegiance or company branding on.

Circular Football Flyers

These football shaped flyers are perfect for communicating a lot of information such as match times or competition flow charts. They have been consistently popular with sports venues promoting key games during the campaign.

Foldable Sports Bottles

Drinkware is always popular around sporting events as inspired spectators look to replicate the greats of the game! These foldable sports bottles are a robust, easy to package and brandable drink container.

Large Tote/ Sports Bags

Following water bottles, sports bags are another practical and effective promotional item. With a large branding areas tote / sports bag with drawstring and black simulated leather reinforced corners are also available in a range of colours. They are also perfect for containing other promotional giveaways.

Mini Football Kit Window Hanger

A miniature sports kit is a great promotional product for any sports related promotion. Can be branded exactly as you require. Supplied in printable casing and with a suction cap to stick on a car window or office window.

Banner Sticks

Popular at sporting events these branded air filled inflated clappers are great where there are large crowds. Supplied with an inflating straw, these branded sticks are high-impact low-cost sporting event essential.


The ‘Clap-Banner’ is a 2 in 1 hand-held banner and noisemaker. Used by fans Clap-Banner creates a unique visual and sound experience with a substantial print and display area alongside an atmosphere building noise.

Plastic Horn

If you want to attract attention, then these extremely loud printed horns will achieve that. Producing an uplifting horn noise, they are a perfect for a party atmosphere.

Paper Hand Flag

Printed flags have always been a popular choice for celebratory events and with nations pride at stake, they are an effective branded crowd-pleasing item.

Inflatable Hand

The Inflatable Hand has a large branding area and is a great promotional giveaway for sporting events. Most traditionally associated with American football and the Gladiators TV Show in the UK, they are another high impact child-friendly promotional item.

At Really Good Branding we work with our clients to find the perfect promotional item to meet their campaign, audience and budget, so please contact us with your brief and we will look to source the ideal solution.

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