Trolley Coin Printing

Premium Enamel Supermarket Shopping Trolley Coins

One of the most valued branded items for shoppers is the Printed Trolley Coin.  Available for use as £1 or €1 substitutions the coins are one of the few promotional items that are kept on recipient’s keyrings, providing frequent communication opportunities at key moments, particularly prior to retail activities. Standard Turnaround | 10 -15 Working Days

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Trolley Coin Types

Trolley coins can be produced using either 100% recycled plastic or our most popular and featured hardwearing nickel plated enamel coins. Our silver coloured enamel coins are first stamped with the selected logo before being infilled with up to four Pantone matched brand colours. They are then attached to an easy to open sprung clip and keyring, ensuring they can be easily deployed when needed.

Practical & Functional

Trolley coins have a practical use and are one of the few budget promotional merchandise products that delivers a tangible value with a long lifespan. Due to their tough production process and enamel inks, our trolley coins are robust and resilient to damage providing a premium finished product.

Fundraising Merchandise

As a result of the high-quality finish and existing value of £1 or €1 Trolley Coins are a great product for fundraising activity or improving awareness. Kept close to the recipients car keys they are quite a personal product which demonstrate an allegiance or affinity with the company.

Trolley Tokens

Tokens have been used since Roman times as an alternative to traditional currency which is distributed by governments. The concept of ‘Trolley Rental’ or a ‘Deposit’ system is used in airports or supermarkets to encourage users to return the trolleys to a set location which reduces the costs of hiring employees to recover them from carparks and also avoids damage being caused by runaway carts. In 1999 shopping trolley theft was estimated to cost $800 million worldwide per annum (Wheels of Fortune)

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