Power Banks

One of the most valued corporate gifts, branded powerbanks and smartphone chargers are always in demand for commuters and travellers. 

We have tried and tested our selection of powerbanks to ensure they are reliable, easy to use and maximise the branding opportunity.

No, not some creature from the deep, our Squid power banks have a 4,000MaH capacity and feature dual USB ports allowing you to charge two devices at once.
The Powerfast – a mix of speed and power. This 10,000MaH capacity powerbank can charge your phone up-to 70% faster than most standard models.
The Air Powerbank, a super slim option with a 4,000 Mah capacity and digital display showing the capacity so you never run out of charge.
Introducing The Octo Multi Cable is one item that should be on everyone’s desk. Available in Nine different colours – this product has real impact.

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