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Supersaver Frosted Pen

Vibrant attractive ball pen with frosted finish and twist-action. A great value promotional pen available in a wide range of colours.

Frosted Ball Pen

The SuperSaver Frosted promotional pen is instantly recognisable by its translucent barrel and attractive design. Available in a range of colours it offers a large print area to fulfil your branding requirements.

A smooth and simple twist mechanism delivers a high quality click action, to prepare the pen for writing which forms the aesthetically pleasing fully frosted frame.

Practical, yet budget-friendly, our supersaver promotional pen is available in a wide range of colours and offers a large branding area to ensure it is an eye-catching giveaway that will stand out in the office or at events, conferences and trade shows.

As a guide 2500 Frost Promotional Pens are around £0.29 each. Prices reduce on higher volumes, so please contact us for an exact price. This price is all inclusive and based on our standard product.

Supersaver for When Budget & Quality is Key

The frosted barrel of the SuperSaver Frost is available in 11 colours, with 1 colour printing offered as standard along the barrel. We can also split orders to include a mix of colours, which can be highly effective when looking to achieve a rainbow display of colour at your event.

These pens are all screen printed to the barrel as standard with a large branding area of 45 x 20mm. The crisp finish of the screen print against the contrast of the frosted colours, really help showcase your logo.

Our team can also brand the clip for additional coverage or a more subtle branding campaign.

The Frost Printed Pen

As a striking ball pen, our SuperSaver immediately stands out from its rivals, thanks to its quality finish, attractive design, large branding area and range of frosted colours.

Ethically sourced, our branded promotional pens are all produced responsibly with branding being completed in the UK.
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Specialist Saver Pen Finishing

While standard finishes include 1 colour printing on the barrel, you can opt for 2, 3 and 4 colour print which allows you to accurately reflect your logo or brand colours.

The branding space of the SuperSaver Frosted promotional pen can be increased by utilising the additional space on the clip, ideal for conveying more information about your brand.

Frost Promotional Pen

Our Promise is to help you find the right product for your campaign, with no hidden costs or extras, ensuring it is professionally designed, printed and delivered on time.
15 Striking Colours
Budget Promotional Pen
Spot Colour to the Barrel or Clip

Avaliable in A Wide Range of Colours

Supersaver Frosted Pen
This style of pen is available in a wide range of colours including solid colours, making it one of the most vibrant and versatile cost effective promotional pens on the market.
Black Frost Pen

This is a black frosted pen

Grey Frost Pen

A dark grey frost akin to Pantone 445.

Grey Frost Pen

Similar to Pantone Cool Gray 9

Purple Frost Pen

A clear purple similar to Pantone 267C

Blue Frost Pen

This is close to a Blue Hex Cyan

Green Frost Pen

A green close to Pantone 347C

Lime Frost Pen

A light green close to Pantone 376C

Dark Red Frost Pen

A darker red similar to Pantone 201C

Red Frost Pen

A luscious colour close to Pantone 186C

Pink Frost Pen

A mature magenta this is close to Rhodamine Red C

Orange Frost Pen

Vibrant Orange similar to Pantone 151C

Yellow Frost Pen

Fresh yellow like Pantone 7408


A clear transparent pen.

Frosted Ball Pen Product Details

Our friendly team are committed to delivering the highest quality, service & expertise across all our products and services. Contact us for a no obligation, all inclusive quote, with no hidden extras.
Standard Product

Frosted Coloured Pen Printed One Colour with Black Ink

Branding Area

Print Area
45 x 20mm (barrel), 20 x 4mm (clip)

135 x 11mm

Print Method
Screen Print

Ink Colour
Blue or black

Product Colours
White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Dark Red, Magenta, Purple, Lime Green, Dark Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Dark Grey

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