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Nature Plus Bio Pens

With a satisfying push mechanism, this pen is produced in a zero emissions factory in Europe from a sugar cane based biodegradable material.

Nature Plus Bio Pen

The Nature Plus is the brand ambassador for our Environmentally Friendly Pen Range. A new addition that's already proving immensely popular. The Nature Plus is produced to the highest environmental standards and sets the standard for Eco Friendly pens.

Produced and moulded in Germany from PLA Based Bioplastic (Sugar Cane) and printed in the UK, you don't get much more Eco Friendly than this!

As a guide 500 Nature Bio Pens are around £.80 each. Prices reduce on higher volumes, so please contact us for an exact price. This price is all inclusive and based on our standard product.

Sugar Cane Promotional Pen

The Nature Plus, as the name suggests is produced from PLA Based bioplastic. This material is derived from plant sugars and is fully compostable.

Producing a pen from Environmentally and sustainable materials would normally be enough, the Nature Plus, and by extension, our entire Bio range of pens, goes that bit further.

These pens are produced in Europe, in a factory powered by Hydroelectricity. All pens are then sent via road freight (not air freight) to the UK for printing and assembly.

Nature Plus Branded Pen

The Nature Plus comes in a range of bright colours in a matt finish , as these pens are almost indistinguishable from plastic, each pen is branded with the Biobased logo to the side of the clip ensuring this does not detract from your brand, but further enhances it.

The Nature Plus ball pen is fitted with a high quality REACH compliant refill that lasts on average 16 times longer than an imported pen, this means that you can sign your name over 11,000 times.

This enhanced longevity, coupled with its Eco Credentials makes the Nature Plus a great choice for any company looking to make a shift to more sustainable and environmentally friendly promotions.
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Eco Friendly Pen Printing

Promotional and branded pens are one of the most used promotional products. Despite the fact that lots of people take notes on phones and computers, putting pen to paper is still the most popular way to make notes. Perfect for events, internal promotions and conferences.

At Really Good Branding we spent quite some time looking at the options available. The Nature Plus ticks all the boxes, a long lasting promotional pen, sustainably made from PLA BioPlastic that's not genetically modified and produced in such a way as to minimise any impact on the environment.

Nature Bio Pen

Our Promise is to help you find the right product for your campaign, with no hidden costs or extras, ensuring it is professionally designed, printed and delivered on time.
Bio Degradable Promotional Pen
Printed in the UK
Premium Promotional Pen

Avaliable in A Wide Range of Colours

as easy as one, two, tree!

If you order this product, we will plant a tree.

We believe our Eco Friendly Notebook can help reduce our impact on the environment, so when you order this product, we will plant a tree on your behalf and send you a Tree Project Certificate.
What is The Tree Project?
T&C's Apply. Product order value must be over £250. If below, we will donate 2% to community projects.

Nature Plus Bio Pen Product Details

Our friendly team are committed to delivering the highest quality, service & expertise across all our products and services. Contact us for a no obligation, all inclusive quote, with no hidden extras.
Standard Product

One Colour Print to Barrel or Clip of Nature Bio Based Pen

Branding Area

Branding Area

  • 45mm x 20mm and 50mm x 15mm (barrel)
  • 30mm x 5mm and 30mm x 7mm (clip),v

The Nature is screen printed to the barrel or clip in Pantone colours ensuring a perfect match to your brand.

141mm x 11mm

Branding Method
Screen Print

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