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Selfie Frames

Perfect for Events and Celebrations our Printed Selfie Frames are one of our most popular promotional products with a range of templates available.

Branded Face Space

Perfect for Events and Celebrations our Printed Selfie Frames are one of our most popular promotional products.

Professionally printed on 5mm Rigid PVC boards and machine cut for accuracy, we produce frames for clients throughout the UK.

Popular at promotional events, exhibitions, weddings and parties, we have a range of designs perfect for every occasion.

As a guide 2 Selfie Frames are around £38 each. Prices reduce on higher volumes, so please contact us for an exact price. This price is all inclusive and based on our standard product.

Promotional Selfie Frames

Finding the right frame for your event is easy with our range of templates and simple size options. 

Our standard frames are available in our most popular A1 standard size (3-4 people) and the smaller A2 (1-2 people) and A3 frame for individuals. The larger frames are difficult to manage.

Face Frames

Giving your customers the opportunity to showcase your brand on their personal social media channels is a great way to share your message.

Our printed frames and boards are perfect for photo opportunities and to encourage visitors to engage with your company.
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Expert Design

Our design team can help produce eye catching and effective selfie frames. Simply supply your logo and text and our creative team will provide a digital proof for approval when you place your order.

5mm PVC Foam Board
Full-Colour Print to One Side
Printed Direct to Board & Machine Cut to Shape

Selfie Frame

Our Promise is to help you find the right product for your campaign, with no hidden costs or extras, ensuring it is professionally designed, printed and delivered on time.
Professional HD Printing
Made in the UK
In House Design Team

Branded Face Space Product Details

Our friendly team are committed to delivering the highest quality, service & expertise across all our products and services. Contact us for a no obligation, all inclusive quote, with no hidden extras.
Standard Product

A1 Sized Selfie Frame Printed Full Colour

5mm PVC Foam Board


Space for 3-4 Faces

If you are looking for alternative materials such as cardboard selfie frames, freestanding face spaces or creative design, check out Far'n'Beyond

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