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Sports Water Bottles

Printed sports bottles are a great way to support a message for any activity focused organisation. View our recent project for Exeter Students Guild RAG,
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RAG Exeter University 

Keeping hydrated whilst engaging in valuable fundraising activities is an important step to success!

Printed sports bottles are a great way to support a message for any activity focused organisation. They also benefit from being a particularly useful promotional item with a large print area.

Printed for Exeter Student Guild Raise and Give (RAG) student charity organisation the printed sports bottles were used at student freshers fairs and awareness events. Working with the RAG team for several years providing a mix of promotional items we were (as always) keen to ensure our price was right without compromising on product quality.

Raise and Give is the biggest fundraising student group in Exeter. They offer students the opportunity to raise money through organising and participating in exciting challenges and charity events. (Find out More)

Working alongside our clients, we worked to ensure the closest possible colour match for the bottle top and Pantone colour accuracy for the printed logo.

At Really Good Branding we offer a large range of printed drinks items. Please contact us to discuss how we produce the right one for your campaign.


Sports Water Bottles
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