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Printed Pledge Boards

Reusable dry wipe branded pledge boards for Breast Cancer Now #showyourstrap so that supporters could dedicate their donations and nominate people online.
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Breast Cancer Now 

The team at far'n'beyond and Really Good Branding were delighted to be able to work with 'Breast Cancer Now' to produce several event products, including pledge boards for their #showyourstrap campaign.

The reusable dry wipe branded pledge boards were produced for supporters to dedicate their donations made after posting and nominating people online.

Rachel Cholerton (pictured) who is also featured in the Marks and Spencer charity campaign explained the purpose of the campaign:

"To me the Show Your Strap campaign is about raising that awareness and I think through this campaign is the best way to do it. I support anything that helps raise awareness and money for cancer charities."

If you would like to take part or find out more about Breast Cancer Now or make a donation visit

Printed Pledge Boards
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