Large Face Masks

Little Mix
Products utilised with this project include:

Every day is different at Really Good Branding! We are in the fortunate position to receive a diverse range of print requirements that test our skills.

Cut-Out Face Masks are always a challenging project to work on, particularly with groups who all require similar sized heads but have entirely different features.

This was the case with the cutout face masks of Little Mix that we produced for a local marketing campaign. After being provided with the authorised images for the approved campaign, our artwork team had to negotiate, several fabulous hair styles.

Providing a cutout guide for the machine cut face masks is not easy and with such high profile band members with such dedicated fans – it was important that the finished product looked great.

The extra large masks were printed directly to the board to ensure they didn’t reflect in photographs. Supplied fitted with velcro for easy application of the promotional teams the chosen material was a lightweight rigid board.

We can produce short-run facemasks similar to the Little Mix campaign or high volume facemasks that include ‘elastic’ or ‘paddle boards’.

Unfortunately due to the licences required we do not retail the facemasks for personal use. We only work with the authorised images supplied by our commercial clients.

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