Worst selfie fails ever!

Selfies have exploded and you’re unlikely to browse anyone’s social media stream without seeing at least a couple of these snaps. But while everyone is striving for that incredible selfie, they don’t always go to plan.

Caught manipulating images with Photoshop, accidentally catching something in the background, and pretending to be caught off guard, these selfies are among the worst fails ever.

If you’ve taken a snap of yourself that you’re a bit disappointed with, these ten attempts are sure to make you feel better.

1. Mirrors are a prop often used to capture the perfect selfie. But when you’re not expecting a reflection you can end up showing off a bit more than you bargained for.

2. Another selfie snapper that’s been caught out by an annoying mirror. Pretending to be caught about by the camera only find a reflection to show it’s you holding the camera has left many selfie lovers red-faced.

3. When it comes to the ‘I didn’t want my photograph taken shot’ this guy has stepped up his game. He might have left both hands free for that authentic look but once again was caught out by the mirror.

4. When you’re taking a selfie outdoors you always run the risk of a photobomber jumping in to ruin your look. Or it could make the selfie even more fun and get you those extra shares.

5. It’s all about perspective and having a careful look what’s in the background of your selfie. It might not have been what this snapper had in mind but his photo certainly ended up unique and entertaining.

6. When you’ve taken a selfie it can be tempting to enhance you look a little with Photoshop. But while Photoshop wizards can create flawless results, the same can’t always be said for those taking a snap – giving the wallpaper an odd look in this case.

7. Don’t you just hate it when you’re taking a selfie and someone walks in with a disapproving look? Cutting them out is always a solution of course.

8. Apart from snapping selfies while driving, this photo lover has been caught out by the reflection in her sunglasses – instant fail!

9. This selfie lover might have artfully captured herself and her ice cream in a shot but it’s the photobombing dog eyeing up the treat that steals the limelight in this one.

10. There have been many selfie fails of people trying to take an image with a selfie. But this one with the Queen shows just how unimpressed everyone is with the idea.

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