The Tree Project

We are committed to supporting eco friendly promotional products, through clear communication of our products environmental impact.

The Environment & Charities

The Tree Project was set up to highlight products and services, which are environmentally friendly, or a positive alternative to existing products.

For these promotional products, we will either plan a tree on your behalf or donate charity credits which will be used to support charitable initiatives that make the world a better place.

Selecting a ‘Tree Project’ or ‘Community Credit’ product, will ensure that when you place an order with Really Good Branding, you will also be helping raise awareness, educate or support individuals or communities within the UK.

Plant a Tree

In conjunction with British tree planting and conservation organisations, we will plant a tree, in one of the incredible natural habitats when you place an order of selected products.

As easy as One, Two, Tree… Simply select one of our Tree Project promotional products, place your order and we do the rest. Y

Once your oder has been processed and we have arranged for your tree to be planted, you will also receive a Tree Project certificate for your company, confirming your commitment to supporting our natural habitat.

Supporting Community Projects

For selected products, we also donate 2% of your order value to initiatives that help support the environment, families and individuals in the local community. Including charitable donations, supporting specially chosen causes and community projects, we aim to ensure that our funds make a difference to the lives of families and individuals throughout the UK.

Each of our products that attract ‘Community Credits’ have been specially selected as they offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to the current ‘standard’ products on the market. This could be achieved through the manufacture process, how often it will be reused compared to single use products or how it can be recycled compared to existing products.

Inform, Educate & Motivate

Pushing businesses to consider the environment when making print & merchandise purchases.

As a company we take our responsibility to our team and clients very seriously. This extends beyond, to consider the impact we have on the natural environment and the people within them.

The Tree Project aims to support these values by being clear and transparent about the environmental benefits of particular products and further enhance our contribution to communities throughout the UK.

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